But wait, who actually made my clothes?

As a person who is always plotting on what next to wear, a quiet revolution that’s been brewing for a bit caught my eye — The conscious, fashionable lot are wearing their clothes inside-out and are asking their favorite brands, “Who made my clothes?” And, in the absence of an(y) answer, several weavers, tailors, farmers and factory workers are holding up something real, and powerful — posters that read, “I made your clothes.” Welcome to Fashion Revolution Week, 2019.

People are buying clothes only for a photo, and it hurts

I was probably living under a rock all this time, because shockingly, that, it turns out, isn’t a one-off case. According to a UK study, people are buying clothes online to take pictures to post to Instagram and other social media, and are then promptly returning them. Many of them, also buy several sizes of the same product to see which one fits best, and return the rest.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s skip the roses

I’m not a big fan of roses — they are overrated, expensive, and act pricier by dying way too soon. But I’d be lying if I said they do nothing for me: They take me right back to my 10th grade classroom where my then boyfriend (now husband) arrived smelling great and early, and carefully pulled out... Continue Reading →

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